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How it all started

The story that I am going to tell you is the one that I have told my daughter Clara so many times, the story of Grandfather Félix, the story of this house …

My father Felix was born in one of the most charming towns in Aragon , Sos del Rey Católico . He used to remember how his father, my grandfather, when he returned from the Civil Guard service, left on the furniture in the hall the curious tricorne that people used to call “ cocked hat ”, and spent a few minutes playing with his son: it was time to forget the seriousness that his uniform required, to dedicate himself with affection to the child he loved so much. Years later, grandfather Félix’s father was assigned to the Canary Islands, along with his entire family.

The boy was fascinated with the idea of knowing what the school books described as “ a fortunate archipelago “, with a spring weather all year round, with the amiability that characterizes its people and with how many pirate stories and legends they are inspired by these islands.

A dream came true.

Little Felix, like an adventurer out of one of the novels that he liked so much, comes to Argual , on the island of La Palma , ready to live an authentic adventure, which will accompany you until your youth.

After finishing his studies and military service, young Felix meets a beautiful
girl ” chicharrera Which steals her heart, and she does not hesitate to move to Tenerife , in the neighborhood Chimisay from the capital, where together they create their home and family.

Little by little the family grows, my brother Félix is born, then me, and finally my younger brother, Iván. The house grows small and we move to Calle La Rosa de Santa Cruz, where grandfather Félix spends the last years of his intense life together with grandmother Olivia, enjoying the Canary Islands , who wanted to know so much as a child

This house, Hacienda Felix , is a tribute to my father, and its four rooms” Sos “,” Argual “,” Chimisay “, and “ La Rosa “Are the memory of the trajectory of his life, that of a little boy from Aragon who discovered Canary Islands and, like the pirate in his novels, he lived a thousand adventures in ¡ the fortunate islands !

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